Index of Tom's Tips for RCSD

A) Clevis Tool

(1)  Contour Guage

(2)  Centerfinder

(3) Deep Throat Clamp

(4) CG Marker

(5) CG Balancer for large scale planes

(6) Blanik Undressing

(7) Dressing the Blanik

(8) Quick tips

(9) I have a Soft Spot.....

  Dave Beach, Wally By-Golly, Alex Hall and Tom Broeski at AMA Muncie

photo by Chuck Pinnell

10) Glue control rods

11) Angle Pro Rubber Band

12) Fuses on pegboard

13) My Simplest Stand Yet

14) Special Battery Packs

15) Tiny Offset Driver

16) Why I Goop Servos

17) A Great Little Sander

18) Super Strong Clevis Rods

19) Handy Little Screw Drivers

20) Very Simple Spray Paint Rack

21) Quick Plug Hole Transfer

22) Extra Long Reach Pliers

23) Simple Glue Holder

24) Wing Tip Wire Holder

25} Bench Coverings

26) Sanding Mops

27) PSA to Loop

28) Quick Covers

29) Addendum to Bench Coverings

30) Shaving CA

31) Dremel EZ407SA Product Review

32) Center between two holes

33) Magnets Magnets Magnets